There are opportunities to own a R Zone Land in Daulatpur. This is a promising location as it is part of L Zone, which is one of the most prime spots for future residential development in the next few years. Most of the larger size developers have taken position in L Zone and Daulatpur falls in the L Zone. According to the Land Pooling Policy of DDA if you own more than 5 Acres of Land in one of the R Zone Daulatpur in Delhi, you are eligible for development by joining the Land Pooling Policy by surrendering your land in R Zone and getting a proportionate Land allocated back to you under this scheme on a main road.

As per the Land Pooling policy, it does not matter if your land is on a main road today, you will anyways be allocated a land which is going to be on a proper access road within the same vicinity.

There are a lot of opportunities to acquire R Zone Land in Daulatpur, we have multiple opportunities of outright sale as well as collaborations in R Zone Land in various zones of Delhi under the New Master Plan.

Please feel free to contact us for any assistance that you may need to acquire R Zone Land in Daulatpur.

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